what we do

Supporting the work of many local funders as they consider and commit relief funds to non-profits responding to crisis needs in our community as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Eplan Group helps individuals, families and corporations turn philanthropic ideas and aspirations into strategic action. Our team draws on our individual and collective expertise in philanthropic and nonprofit management to customize each client’s experience. We are focused on our clients’ goals and invest in the process alongside them.

We employ a candid approach and provide direct feedback including tangible next steps for our clients.

Below are descriptions of several of The Eplan Group’s current and recent projects:

Working with the second generation to fulfill a deceased family member’s long-term, philanthropic strategy. Work has included facilitating the creation of a mission for the foundation, scope and areas of interest as well as desired outcomes for grantmaking. Having established a rapport with the donor’s children during the establishment of the Foundation, The Eplan Group is now assisting with the grantmaking process which includes interacting with grant seekers, conducting due diligence and supporting the trustees’ decision making process.

Providing guidance to a prominent Atlanta business leader as he and his wife establish their family foundation. Currently working alongside their daughter who has stepped into a staff role.

Facilitating a deep dive into Atlanta education reform for a collective of 15 funders. Planning and staffing ongoing efforts which include advocacy and policy change as well as opportunities for collaborative grant making.

Led a year-long engagement with a historic Atlanta foundation to prepare trustees for the retirement of a longtime Executive Director. With a goal of establishing a common understanding and appreciation for the history of the foundation, trustees worked with The Eplan Group, to craft updated values statements rooted in the foundation’s mighty legacy with an eye on the pressing needs of today’s community. Through thorough evaluative processes, Foundation Trustees, staff and The Eplan Group translated longstanding grantmaking and governance practices into policies that reflect today’s best practices while respectfully honoring the founders’ intentions.

Working in partnership with a family office and long-term wealth advisor to assist a family foundation (with a living donor) to support their global grantmaking strategy.

Examples of our recently completed engagements:

Led a deeply-rooted, Atlanta-based, family foundation through a process of refining the foundation’s longstanding mission and funding approach in favor of a more strategic approach which reflected the current and future trustees’ values. Work also helped give definition to the role of staff vs. trustees.

Worked with the third-generation of foundation trustees on succession plans which include administrative and governance leadership. Specific issues include the desire/need to expand the Board with trustees that are outside the family, determining the need for administrative staff, and the desire to add structure to the grantmaking process to measure impact and long-term effect of the foundation’s work.

Designed and facilitated a comprehensive strategic analysis of a historically significant foundation to prepare longstanding trustees for impending leadership transitions. The process ensured a sustainable governance model, as well as a timetable and criteria for onboarding new trustees.

Worked with an Atlanta-based family foundation after the death of its founder to gather information from the board and staff about their perspectives on the future of the Foundation. Discussions centered on family and board members’ long-term aspirations, especially related to governance and legacy and keeping the spirit of the founder and his joy in philanthropy at the heart of the work. Work included facilitating a strategic planning retreat to address specific issues related to geographic area of interest, succession planning, and next generation engagement.

Engaged leaders of an Atlanta-based family foundation (all staff and board) to develop a process and the requirements for new trustees to join the foundation board. Continue to advise them on Next Gen roles and ongoing governance practices.

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